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Services 24 hours a day, attending to emergencies that may arise in the pipes of your home or business.

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Unblocking in Cartagena, Mar Menor and Orihuela

Find services of the Best company for unblocking pipes in Cartagena for cheap pipes 24 hours a day, every day of the year at Cartagena, always maintaining the highest quality standards.

Unblocking for individuals, specifically for homes, have very exclusive aspects. Troubleshooting with respect to blockages or any plumbing issue in the home must be carried out urgently with a lot of attention.

It is for this reason that at Destascos Cartagena y Mar Menor we incorporate all our knowledge in the field, accompanied by technological tools that optimize the procedure on a large scale.

Many people access home methods to unclog pipes and eliminate bad smells, but this is better leave it to the real experts.

As a responsible company, we at Desatascos Mar Menor treat these types of cases with greater caution, protecting the whole family from any type of inconvenience and health problems.

Unblocking Cartagena​
limpieza y vaciado de fosas septicCleaning and Maintenance of Septic Tanks in Cartagena and Orihuelaas en Cartagena

Cleaning and Emptying of Septic Tanks in the Mar Menor and Vega Baja area of Alicante

Find here the best services for septic tanks. In Emptying of septic tanks Cartagena we offer you
  • Empty septic tanks
  • Clean septic tanks and cesspools
  • Repair or replace a septic tank
We are experts in emptying and septic tank cleaning, as well as in its installation or repair. You can call us 24 hours a day from any area of the Mar Menor and we will attend to your emergency in record time.

Location of Water Leaks

Problems with leaks usually affect one of the least accessible areas of the house:

The pipes. These are in charge of both the water supply and drainage.

Having a trustworthy company like ours for locating water leaks is essential because:

  • We take care of making a very practical location, without having to cut pipes.
  • We have more than 15 years of experience.
  • We use the best state-of-the-art electroacoustic and digital equipment.
  • We work 24 hours a day
Location of Water Leaks Cartagena Murcia
Remember that in the rainy season it is important to keep the drains clean

From the hand of our experts you will pay what is fair and necessary according to the service provided. 100% guaranteed work with excellent quality for all Cartagena.

Urgent services in Cartagena, unblocking and septic tanks

Desatascos Comunidades Vecinos Cartagena

Unblocking Communities Neighbors Cartagena

We attend to obstructions in wells, sinks, showers and all types of pipes.

This service can be aimed at all types of public, from homes to the largest companies and of course neighboring communities.

Desatascos de arquetas Cartagena

Unblocking pipes

We provide a quality solution to any unblocking of pipes and siphonic canisters in Cartagena in record time and even repair of pipes without works. In other words, work will only be carried out on the point of incidence without causing alterations in other spaces.
Desatascos Cartagena Mar Menor aire acondicionado

Substitution of Downspouts in Cartagena

Sometimes the drainage pipes in buildings become clogged to the point of having to replace the downspouts. We can help you with the best option for the process of changing downspouts in communities of owners.
Limpieza y Mantenimiento de Fosas Septicas en Cartagena

Cleaning and Maintenance of Septic Tanks in Cartagena

We carry out the installation, cleaning, emptying and repair of septic tanks. The cleaning work is about the drainage of solid particles that can affect the flow through the pipes.